LITTLE Cozy’s BIG Adventures in 2019

It’s been awhile since my last post. In fact, I haven’t written a single post in 2019! And as I sat here reflecting on what had happened since my last update, a flood of memories came rushing into my head and they were all related to Cozy. Hence I am going to name this post Little Cozy’s Big Adventures.

Let’s start with Winter, Jan 2019.

In California, you usually don’t see snow in Winter unless you go into the mountains. However, there will be a lot of rain. In the past, I never liked rainy days. It meant staying indoors and feeling gloomy. This year however, things have changed a bit. It all started with watching a kid’s show called “Peppa Pig”. The show is about a little piggy named Peppa and her family. Their favorite activity is jumping in the muddy puddles.  Cozy loves that show and often pretended to jump in the muddy puddles. As a result, on rainy days we no longer stayed indoors, instead we would venture out and jump in muddy puddles.


To me, Spring means the season of fresh beginnings and new opportunities, the season of hope and colors. This spring, we explored all the possible flower blossoms we could find and captured their short yet beautiful blooms.


Summer swiftly followed the footsteps of Spring. It was a fruitful summer, we did strawberry picking AND cherry picking. The berries were so yummy.

Before I knew it, it was Autumn. The season when mother nature paints the leaves with different colors. In November we took a trip to Portland and it was breathtakingly beautiful there! The grounds were paved with colorful foliage and whenever there was the slightest breeze, leaves started to dance playfully in the air. As I looked up, the leaves were like golden confetti falling out of the sky.


We came full circle with Winter again. Finally got a chance to take the steam train at the Roaring Camp. As the train took us through the redwood forests, the sun rays showered down through the canopy and we got inundated in light. What a magic ride that was!

Looking back on 2019, I must say, photography encouraged me to pay more attention to the details around me and see beauty in them; Cozy motivated me to go out and experience things I never would have. The combination of both inspired me to live a fuller and more colorful life. Here is to more adventures in 2020, cheers!

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