Fun in the Snow

I thought all kids would love playing in the snow, but how wrong was I! Last weekend we took Cozy to see snow for the first time and boy was she unhappy about it. We tried to engage her in activities that we were excited about when we were little, but the best we got out of her was the “I am not amused face”.



She did, however, enjoy the cabin that we stayed at. Lounging around with her dad definitely beats playing outdoor.


I guess I couldn’t blame her, for I also enjoyed the warmth of the fireplace and the amazing view through the cabin window!


We figured that reason why she didn’t like the outdoors was because she was not used to the cold and didn’t like the snow falling on her. So the next day, we took her out again when it was sunny and built her a snowman. Her dad showed her how to kick the snowman’s head off and that’s when she realized that it could be fun playing with snow!



So for the rest of that day, you could hear her laughter everywhere as she trotted around sending snow flying with her feet. I was glad that this trip ended with a happy note :).


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