Beginning of Something New

I am so honored to be able to help in capturing this special moment for Binbin and Sen.



It was a new beginning for them, but also something new for me. This was my first wedding registration photoshoot and also my first indoors photoshoot.

When Binbin first contacted me for the photoshoot, I told her right away I had never done something like this. Her response was so sweet. She told me that she liked my past work and believed that I could do a good job this time also. I was all warm and fuzzy and appreciative of her putting her full trust in me.


The photoshoot took place inside the magnificent San Francisco City Hall. Throughout the photoshoot, I faced many challenges. But fortunately, with the help and trust from Binbin, we were able to overcome all the challenges.

The first challenge was the indoor lighting. Despite the high celling and the numerous windows, the lighting was still very different from my usual outdoor shoots. Binbin was very patient in letting me play around with different exposures and leveraging different light sources to compose the ideal pictures.


Another challenge I had to overcome was managing the entire wedding party so that they would look nice and coherent. Again, I am so grateful for how cooperative and open-minded Binbin and her friends were in trying different poses and posing long enough for me to find the best angle. They also came up with the cutest poses!





I can’t express how lucky I felt to have such a wonderful first time indoor/wedding registration photoshoot experience. (phew what an overloaded sentence!)  And I couldn’t have done it without Binbin, Sen and their friends. Congratulations to Binbin and Sen, and may your new journey bring loads of happiness!

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