Fun in the Sun

It was such a fun shoot with Nick, Ellena and Rowan at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. They sure know how to have fun. Nick told me that their engagement shoot was done at a carnival and the Boardwalk would make a great match with the exception that there is a new family member AND the latest addition is on her way!


The session was action packed. We cruised down the pier,


played a few games,


ate some yummies,


and finished off splashing through the refreshing ocean waves.



Of course there was laughter throughout, but what’s also very special was the relationship they have with each other. When Nick and Ellena were playing with Rowan, they truly enjoyed it and it seemed as if they became Rowan’s age. When they were dad and mom, they held Rowan close to keep him safe and expressed their love with many hugs and kisses.


Rowan also showed some brotherly love to his soon-to-be little sister.


Thank you Nick and Ellena for allowing me to capture these fun and loving moments. Best of luck with the latest addition. I am sure she will add even more joy to your family.


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