Family Love

Love comes in different forms. This past weekend I was able to capture the love radiating through this precious family of three.

At the beginning, the little one was quite shy and would not leave the comfort of her mom. I witnessed motherly love in its truest form. Nothing is warmer and safer than a mother’s embrace.


It was not until we had a little fun over a bridge, when the little one started to warm up to her surroundings.


It was very heart warming to see the parents’ love for their child at every turn and how she reciprocated the same.


Her curiosity and love for nature was so contagious that I started to see my surrounding with a fresh set of eyes.



I am very honored to be able to help documenting their very first family shoot :).



One thought on “Family Love

  1. Thank you, Maggie Liu Photography, for a wonderful experience and beautiful photos and memories to last a lifetime!


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